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Dr. Rhoda
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Are you considering, or have you recently decided to open your relationship?

Are you exited a well as somewhat nervous about making these kinds of changes? 

Are you enjoying the new-found freedom yet also feeling insecure, fighting more often, and encountering situations that you do not know how to handle?
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How to Make a Successful Transition From Monogamy To Open
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Here is what we are covering:
Find out the most common relationship styles and which one is right for you.
There are many ways to design an open relationship. Learn some of the most popular ways that may work for you.
The exact things you need in place to make this fun and rewarding for everyone.
Open relationships work very differently from monogamous ones. Learn some of the mindset shifts you need to know to be successful.
How to manage jealousy and other negative emotions that might come up.
Open relationships can be challenging until you learn to manage the emotions that can get in the way.
My work with people is confidential and of a sensitive nature. While all the testimonials are from actual clients, 
their names have been changed to protect their identity. 
“Dr. Rhoda gave me the tools I needed to better manage how I deal with difficult emotions which used to overwhelm me. Now I enjoy my relationships so much more.” Janice H. 
“We had felt unhappy and stuck in a traditional marriage for so many years and we didn’t think it could be any other way. We learned how to communicate better, ask for what each of us needed and how to design our relationship in a way that really meets both our needs.” Tom & Angelia M. 
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